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Since ROMAC began in 1988, we have treated over 350 deserving and underprivileged children. Over the next few years, only with your help, we will change and save the lives of many, many more

Five year old Rex and his mother Karen live in the Papua New Guinea Highlands, a 10 hour bus ride from the nearest town. Like so many who live what we would consider a primitive life, because of his deformity Rex was ostracized so couldn’t attend school.

They were met by members of the Rotary Club of Henley Beach and his carer, Anthony Masson, when they arrived in Adelaide for treatment for an encephalocele (herniated brain).  Like so many of ROMAC’s children’s parents, Karen had no idea of how to use money or even how to shop ’big city’ style  

Rex was operated on by Dr. Mark Moore at the Women's and Children's Hospital, made a very quick recovery and within two weeks he was organizing miniature games of Rugby Union in the corridors and enjoying outings to the zoo and stroking kangaroos. When he visited Henley Beach his eyes lit up when he saw sand and water for the first time!  It was  a highlight for him.

Central Region’s Oleh Bilyk said “We are much richer for Rex's time here. Both he and his mother have added another dimension and understanding to our lives. It was so satisfying to see him have a new life ahead. Even better,” he added, “Rex will now be able to live a normal life and even fulfil his dream of going to school like the other children.”



Caring for a ROMAC Child and Parent/Guardian is a rewarding and satisfying family experience.


Since ROMAC began in 1988, we have treated hundreds deserving and underprivileged children. Only with your help, we will change and save the lives of many, many more. We rely on donations and philanthropic support. Your donation goes directly to the aid of kids in need. Donations made in Australia are tax deductible. Donate online via our secure server, make a bequest, or send a donation by mail or fax.


Including a gift to ROMAC in your Will is a lasting and meaningful way of helping to change and often save the lives of underprivileged and deserving children through the ROMAC program.


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